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At Ora Dentistry, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of dental technology and provide a state-of-the art facility for our patients to care for all of their dental needs.

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From the minute a patient walks into our doors, they become a part of our family. We pride ourselves on being able to provide premiere care and a top-notch patient experience. We understand that going to receive dental care can create stress and anxiety for many patients and we take great measures to eliminate that fear. All of our treatment rooms are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, Netflix, heated pillows and blankets all to reduce anxiety and create the best possible patient experience.

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Finances Shouldn’t Add To Dental Anxiety

We realize that the transformative dental care that our patients deserve and desire often times isn’t inexpensive and often requires a significant financial investment. By having an in-house dental lab, we are able to reduce the cost of our procedures upfront. We also work with several insurance companies and third-party financing companies to further assist our patients to make it easier for them to attain the smile the they’ve always dreamed of.

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A Faster And Simplified Approach

At Ora Dentistry, we build our practice around the patients we treat and the relationships that we create! Each day we can transform lives through dentistry with the ORA4X process that we developed to give you the patient the best possible outcome for a new smile!

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16.000 + Implants placed​
300 + Full mouth reconstructions annually
97 % Success rate

The Premier Choice In Dentistry

Our mission is to serve our community by providing dental care as efficiently and effectively as possible. We aim to bring the most inviting and comforting experience to our patients as to keep them coming back regularly. Though dental visits can be a nerve-wracking experience, neglecting to go to the dentist is much more harmful than helpful. Putting off dental visits will not only lead to oral health problems, but also cause other, more serious physical health issues to form as well. By keeping our patients comfortable we ensure that we always do our part to help keep our clients as healthy as possible.

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Our Top Three Services

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The ORA4X Process

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you’ve probably had to make some substantive lifestyle changes. Diet changes, hidden smiles, loss of confidence and more. The ORA4X Process is the premiere method for replacing missing teeth. Unlike other dental implant methods, the ORA4X Process restores up to an entire arch of teeth, faster and more reliably!

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OraXpress Same-Day Arches

The ORA4X Process stands for minimum of 4 implants, in less than 4 hours. In order to achieve this, OraXpress was developed. Using your 3D scan, our expert team can create an accurate full arch of teeth in the same day, using revolutionary 3D printing technology. Patients can often avoid liquid diets altogether post surgery, as OraXpress allows patients to eat soft foods same day of surgery!

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OraZir Zirconia Arches

The premium teeth that you could only image! OraZir zirconia restorations are build of premium Zirkonzahn zirconia, created in Italy and delivered to our state-of-the-art dental laboratory. In-house ceramists use fully digital 3d facial scans to create titanium supported full arches that are healthier for patients and almost impossible to break!

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