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ORA4X Process – California

Rethinking The Full Mouth Process

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A Simpler Way To Perfect Your Smile

Since their inception, full mouth dental implants have helped countless patients transform their lives in almost unfathomable ways. The benefit of being able to regain confidence through perfecting their smile is why patients have been choosing to get full mouth dental implants for years. Dr. Dalla has spent hours doing continuing education in order to learn more about the process and how to improve it.

Dr. Dalla has since gone on to create a process that improves on the traditional full mouth dental implantation process. The proprietary ORA4X process that Dr. Dalla uses improves on the way full mouth dental implants are placed so that patients can get the best out of their dental implants every time.

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Why Choose Us?

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To help enhance healing.

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Our office has the latest milling technology. Our milling unit has the ability to produce titanium and zirconia allowing us to keep everything in-house and have total control of your treatment.

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ORA4X offers a true Lifetime Guarantee.

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There is no need to go between office to office for treatment.

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We use the highest grade of dental implants available Nationwide.

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No matter what unexpected procedures arise during surgery; your price will stay the same!

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We have Certified Dental Technicians to work on your smile.

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Leave with your smile transformed within one day!

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ORA4X uses IV Sedation for all surgical procedures.

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As a new patient you are offered a consultation at no charge.

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Cons Of The Traditional Implant Process

  • Regular Impressions, difficult for patients with a gag reflex
  • After Surgery, temporary cylinders are placed
  • The temporary dentures are made from acrylic material and not aesthetically pleasing
  • Temporary prosthesis is bulky
  • Bite is not perfect
  • The temporary is more prone to breakages

The ORA4X Benefit

We offer a faster, more simplified approach to implantology that is fully digital from start to finish. We utilize Ora-Zir zirconia prosthesis. These ceramic replacements are designed individually by our ceramists and technicians. Beyond just the aesthetic benefits of Ora-Zir, the overall design quality as well as the quality of the functionality, allow our patients to get the most out of their teeth and offer significant advantages over other replacements used in more traditional processes.

Dental Implants

Our Unique Process Goes As Follows:

Step 1-Consultation
We utilize a fully digital work flow and use technology that allows us to do away with methods such as traditional dental impressions, and make the process easier and more comfortable for our patients. We utilize a 4D scan and take pre-op intra oral scans to clone the mouth of the patient so Dr. Dalla is able to begin to create a custom implant treatment plan.
Step 2- Smile Analysis
At Ora Dentistry, we don’t make any dentures. Instead, we take pictures using the facial scanning data and our in-house technician does an in-depth smile analysis before the surgery to ensure each patient has a smile that is custom made for them.
Step 3- 4 Means 4
Once you have gone through the consultation process and the smile analysis has been completed, now it is time for the implantation process. The implantation process used by Dr. Dalla and his team of experts is where the difference in quality really shines through. The “4” in ORA4X means that we are placing a minimum of four dental implants within a four-hour time period. All of our surgeries are done under sedation to ensure that every patient, even those who suffer from the most sever dental anxiety, can receive treatment in the most comfortable way.
After the surgery, the printed temporary prosthesis is placed. The material we use is far more aesthetically pleasing and much stronger than the material used in the temporary prosthesis for the traditional implant process.
Step 4-Post Implant Procedure
Another one of the many benefits of our proprietary dental implant procedure, is that immediately following surgery, our patients are able to return to a soft food diet. With other forms of implant methods, patients often have to resort to a liquid diet for a time.

After the surgery has been performed and the mouth has been able to recover from the surgery, our patients will receive their permanent teeth in just four months. Our process allows our patients to enjoy their permanent teeth far sooner than other implant processes. Under more traditional methods of implantology, patients have to not only resort to a liquid diet for a significant amount of time, but also have to wait anywhere from six to nine months before getting to enjoy the teeth they have already been waiting for, for so long.

Our Patients Tell The Story Best

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