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Same-Day Turnaround With Our In-House Dental Lab

At Ora Dental Implant Studio, part of our philosophy is to deliver a truly unparalleled patient experience. This of course includes making sure procedures are completed with perfect results, but also that procedures are completed as efficiently and in as little time as possible. Thanks to our full mouth dental implant lab – which includes a cutting-edge 3D prosthetics printer – implant specialist Dr. Devan Dalla is able to complete implant procedures in just a single day; a patient walks into our Elk Grove, CA, office in the morning with severely damaged teeth, and walks out just a few hours later with a brilliantly restored smile and a mouth full of bright, beautiful, brand-new teeth.

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Flexible Scheduling, Less Waiting

As much of a benefit that an in-house dental lab provides to the doctor, it provides even more benefit to the patient. These benefits come in the form of faster completion times, less waiting, and highly flexible scheduling since we don’t have to go through a third-party dental lab to receive custom made restorations. We know that our patient’s lead busy, hectic lives, and part of our ongoing goal is to deliver extraordinary service that prioritizes a patient’s time, and ensures that procedures are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible – without ever compromising on results. Having a cutting-edge in-house dental laboratory is just one of the tools that allow us to fulfill this goal on a daily basis, with every patient we see.

How Our In-House Dental Lab Works

When a patient comes in for dental implants, the first step is to take an impression of the patient’s teeth. This provides the oral surgeon and lab technician with an exact replica of a patient’s oral arch, which is used to custom-fabricate the new restoration prosthetics (new teeth). In most dental practices, the impression is sent off to a separate dental lab, and it can take weeks to receive the restorations. Thanks to the state-of-the-art full mouth dental implant laboratory at Ora Dental Implant Studio, every step of the dental implant process is completed under one roof, right here at our Elk Grove, CA, location.

Rather than traditional PVS impression material, which is time-consuming, messy, and uncomfortable for the patient, Dr. Dalla also uses a TRIOS 3-Shape Digital Scanner to produce high-quality digital impressions in less than half the time of PVS molds. The TRIOS 3-Shape is the world’s leading true-color digital scanner, and offers a 3-in-1 solution that allows our master in-house ceramist to shade-match restoration teeth to a natural hue that perfectly complements the patient’s unique skin tone and facial features.

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From Flawed To Flawless, In A Single Day

After Dr. Dalla takes the digital impression with the intraoral scanner, the digital file is then uploaded into MODJAW and our 3-Shape Implant Studio, which are 4D digital bite software programs that our in-house dental lab runs off of. In just a few hours after taking the impression, a patient’s restoration teeth are ready to be milled – and after a quick and seamless install, the patient will be ready to walk out the door with a stunning, brand new set of perfect teeth. And the best part? Thanks to our financing partners, Ora Dental Implant Studio is able to offer highly affordable dental implants that are achievable and accessible to patients of all budgets.

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Our Technology Is Redefining The Dental Experience

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